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This coordinating dress with a headband is perfect outfit for any day wear occasion. This lovely girl baby dress made in soft cotton, ideal against baby's delicate skin. The dress features a snap closure that makes changing time quick and simple. The dress with headband is cute to wear out. They are machine washable and machine dryable for your convenience. This makes an excellent gift for any little one you know and love

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Say hello to the secret to baby bliss. View our lookbook on Summer Collection

Say hello to the secret to baby bliss. View our lookbook Summer Collection

  • Supple, Gentle & Stylish: Introducing Giggles & Wiggles cotton baby Dresses, meticulously designed to offer a 'Motherly-soft and chic' feel. Our Dresses are crafted from 100% pure cotton, safeguarding your baby's delicate skin with the utmost gentleness and creating a soothing atmosphere.
  • Breathable & As Light As Air: The premium cotton material employed in our Dresses is exceptionally breathable and as light as air, ensuring free air circulation, thus harmonising your child's body temperature. This standout attribute helps prevent overheating, promoting a tranquil dressing experience for your precious little one.
  • Comfortably Roomy: Each Dress has been tailored with enough space to accommodate your baby in comfort and safety perfectly. Our Dresses provide adaptability and prolong their utility beyond the infant phase, serving as stylish garments, comforters, accessories, and much more.
  • Charming Designs: Our baby Dresses boast beautiful and vivid patterns, adding a dash of delightful sophistication to your baby's apparel. The superior print quality and stitching assure endurance through numerous washes, evolving into a cherished memento during your baby's formative years.
  • Effortless to Maintain: Our cotton baby Dresses are machine-washable, promising an uncomplicated cleaning and upkeep routine. They are sturdy and hypoallergenic, maintaining their softness even after multiple washes. With Giggles & Wiggles cotton Dresses, be it for a baby girl or baby boy, you can be confident that your baby will revel in comfort and elegance around the clock.
  • Dress Advantages: Giggles and Wiggles Dresses are ideal for keeping your baby stylish and comfortable. They are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor wear and can be used as unisex attire. Purchase baby Dresses from our online store and explore the finest cotton Dresses for your baby because your little one deserves nothing but the best!
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