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Decoding Newborn Essentials - The Top 10 Must-Haves for Your Baby's First Year

Decoding Newborn Essentials - The Top 10 Must-Haves for Your Baby's First Year

May 25, 2023


Prince Kumar

An Introduction to the World of Newborn Essentials

Stepping into the world of parenthood often feels like embarking on a journey into the unknown. However, having a handy checklist for your newborn essentials can make this journey less daunting and more enjoyable. In India, with a birth rate of about 20 per 1,000 people, according to the World Bank, in 2022, numerous new parents grapple with this task daily.

  1. Comfortable Clothing: The Soft Armor

Baby's skin is sensitive, so soft, breathable, and comfortable clothing is a must. According to a 2021 survey by BabyCenter India, 85% of new parents prioritize comfort over style for their baby's clothing. Check out these adorable onesies from Giggles and Wiggles that combine comfort and cuteness!

  1. Diapers: A New Parent's Lifesaver

A newborn might require as many as 10 to 12 diaper changes daily. As per The Indian Journal of Paediatrics, a well-chosen diaper brand can reduce discomfort and the risk of diaper rash. Giggles and Wiggles offer these hypoallergenic diapers, perfect for your baby's needs.

  1. Baby Bedding: A Cozy Nest

A comfortable, safe sleeping environment is crucial for your newborn. The National Institute of Health suggests that a firm mattress and a safety-approved crib can significantly reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Check out this cosy baby crib to ensure your little one's safe and sound sleep.

  1. Baby Skincare: Gentle Care for Delicate Skin

Nearly 50% of newborns experience some skin condition, according to a study published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal. Opt for mild, hypoallergenic skincare products like these natural baby wipes for everyday care.

  1. Feeding Essentials: Nutrition's First Call

Whether you're breastfeeding or formula-feeding, proper feeding equipment is essential. A survey by the Times of India revealed that 92% of new mothers found specific feeding equipment, like nursing pillows and breast pumps, beneficial. Explore these [BPA-free feeding bottles]( from Giggles and Wiggles, designed with care for your baby's nourishment.

  1. Health Care Supplies: Keeping Illness at Bay

Basic healthcare items are essential for addressing minor health concerns at home. From a digital thermometer to a baby nail clipper, these tools help you handle common baby issues. The Indian Academy of Pediatrics recommends every household with a newborn have a well-stocked first aid kit. This Baby Healthcare Kit from Giggles and Wiggles covers all the essentials.

  1. Baby Carrier: Bonding on the Move

According to a 2021 study published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies, babywearing can promote physical development and bonding between parent and child. This ergonomic baby carrier from Giggles and Wiggles allows you to stay mobile while keeping your baby close and secure.

  1. Baby Stroller: Smooth Rides and Happy Sights

A stroller is a valuable investment for family outings. As reported by the Economic Times in 2021, the baby stroller market in India is growing at a CAGR of 6% due to the convenience it offers parents. This portable baby stroller ensures your baby's comfort during those delightful walks in the park.

  1. Baby Toys: For a Developing Mind

Toys aren't just playthings but are instrumental in a child's cognitive development. As per UNICEF, sensory-rich toys can boost a baby's brain development. Check out these teething toys that are fun and soothing for those little gums.

  1. Car Seat: Safety Beyond Four Walls

A car seat is indispensable for your baby's safety during car travels. A survey by SaveLIFE Foundation revealed that only 7% of children in India are secured in child restraint systems while travelling. Don't compromise on safety; consider this comfortable car seat from Giggles and Wiggles.

Summing Up: Welcome to Parenthood

In conclusion, preparing for a newborn might seem overwhelming, but it need not be. With the right essentials, you'll be well-equipped to welcome your little one into the world. Remember, every baby is unique, and so are their needs. Take your time, trust your instincts, and you'll be a pro. Welcome to the incredible journey of parenthood!


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